Sunday, March 2, 2008


Dear friends,

I have received an e-mail from the programmer of XPower. He notified me there is a 2008 version circulation on Torrent sites - but this version is not the real XPower. It's another easy nLite mod of regular XP with "Windows xpower edition" label on desktop and with a picture in My Computer - Properties.

The real XPower, however, is much more than just nLite tweak. It's modified at kernel level by reverse engineering of the code. Several programs were packed into installers, many new driver packs were integrated in both text and graphical modes, and many other deep modifications were performed. The real XPower has a particular boot screen, scandisk screen and hibernation screen, all different from regular XP.

The real XPower which this article is dedicated to, is called "Windows XPower Gaming Edition", the filename of the ISO image is "Windows.XPower.HighPerformance+Drivers+Software.ENG.NoCDkey.iso", the file size is 732,938,240 bytes (699 MB) and its MD5 hash is 8e8bc7386b213728bfd155d3b6a2e81c. THE REAL XPOWER WAS RELEASED ON 15 OCTOBER, 2007.

The xpower released in 2008, has been produced by someone else than nCipher and has not been tested. Its README file is in Romanian language only and there are no kernel-mode drivers for SATA and RAID volumes, meaning it won't even boot right away at many newest machines. Please stay away or try at your own risk. XPOWER 2008 IS NOT THE REAL XPOWER.

For some unknown reason, the torrent for the real XPower has been removed from mininova, probably because of lack of traffic. XPower can still be downloaded from other torrent sites or (new!) by ed2k protocol using eMule (site), aMule, Shareaza or other similar programs.

ed2k link:

Torrent downloads of the real XPower: here, here, and here.

Thank You


Harry said...

Is XPower available in native French?

as the French Nation is very interested in your achievements,

signed, a native English speaker living in France.

John said...

can any one seed there are only 6 people with this file including me, with 95.9% and no more sources.

Matt said...

I need help, can someone help me install internet explorer, i have some programs that need it to run, lacie backup solutions wants it....